About Us

PT. SOG INDONESIA is a High Technology Specialist in Satellite & Radio Communication which operates from its regional head office in Jakarta Indonesia. PT. SOG INDONESIA has been established to cater for the growing need of specialist security operations and training in Indonesia and throughout South East & Far East Asia.

The establishment and development of PT. SOG INDONESIA allows the company to execute its services on the vast opportunities presented in the Region. The primary interest are the conducting of specialized Satellite & Radio Communication, training and equipping supply for multi-national companies and in support of the National Defense efforts. PT. SOG INDONESIA has developed significant networks in the region, providing it with excellent access to the upper echelons of major multi-national companies as well as within the military and government sectors.

PT. SOG INDONESIA has established a highly qualified base of experienced managers and operational personnel to fulfil any task required by its clients


  • Concentration in the field of Satellite & Radio Communication in particular Maritime Safety & Security. 
  • Being a player in which the SOG has a competitive advantage through the experience , technology and cooperation. 
  • Offer products and services a comprehensive portfolio, which includes systems, sub - systems, products and components 
  • Having an efficient organization in which there are man power who are committed and competent.
  • Being a provider of strategic and perfect service for our customers. 
  • Fulfill all commitments towards the service user.


President Director : Mr. Sanny Jauwhannes

  • Has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & System Engineering, University of Southern California. A successful enterpreneur who has many years experiences in Energy sector and Aviation Industry.

Technical Director : Mr. Suendro

  • Has a Master Degree in Management of Human Resources, UPN; Bachelor in Management of Industrial & Technology, UNJANI; Military of Academy AKABRI, SESKO AD, SESKO TNI; He was the Technical & Industrial Director of Department Defence, Kasubdit Bintekhan Dittekind Ranahan of Department Defence, Paban 5/ Pengadaan Slog MABESAD, Dirbinlitbang Pussenkav TNI AD